Is Zyxio's breath-activated sensor cool or just a load of hot air?

Posted on Fri Nov 6 2009

Here's a breathtaking concept: Zyxio has patented a new technology called SensaWaft that can be enabled simply with a breath. It's a sensor that can be embedded in devices, which in turn can be operated with one's breath. Zyxio is eager to get its technology out there, but perhaps understandably, doesn't seem to quite know what it would be good for. (It's demonstrated here with people "blowing" text around a computer screen.) So, the company is offering $6,000 to any creative mind that can come up with various uses for the sensor. Check out the "Be a Mind Blower" microsite for more. It's a little strange watching random passersby in Las Vegas blow on a laptop to make a string of bubbles move against a black screen. The only feedback the testers provide throughout the video is that the technology seems "cool." Perhaps that's just the audience Zyxio is going after with SensaWaft: The cool crowd who'd rather turn on a phone by blowing on it than lifting a finger.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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