Who needs Edelman PR when you've got mom on your side?

Posted on Tue Jan 13 2009


I get lots of calls from PR "professionals." But the pitch I got last Friday was a first.
  The nice woman on the line asked if I had gotten the information she'd sent about a new portable electrolyte drink called Zym. I said I had, and that it seemed weird. (It consists of tablets that come in a plastic tube.) Undaunted, she asked when I was planning to write about it. I said I probably wasn't.
  Then she revealed that she was the mother of the product's inventor, and she began to tell me a story about the first time he went on an airplane (I think). I said, "So, you're not in public relations?" She replied, "No, I'm a senior citizen."
  I applauded her for being one of the coolest moms ever and promised to write about it. So, here's one for the moms. Go to drinkzym.com to learn more about these "effervescent vitamins."

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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