Microsoft says you'd better be ready to spend $30k on that iPod

Posted on Wed May 20 2009

All the math in CNet's dissection of Wes Moss's new ad for the Microsoft Zune makes my head hurt, but so does the ad's claim that it costs $30,000 to fill a 120GB iPod with music. (This is contrasted with the Zune Pass subscription service, which costs $15 a month.) Unless Microsoft assumes people have never bought music before purchasing an MP3 player, it's argument is flawed from the start. (I had 30 gigs of music before I bought mine, and that doesn't even include CDs ripped from my collection.) And its Zune Pass policy of allowing subscribers to keep 10 songs a month, beyond the subscription, is a little paternalistic, too, like they've decided that we're old enough to be trusted with an allowance. Apple takes a lot of well-deserved flak for their patronizing, snarky hipsterism, but I prefer that to Microsoft appointing themselves everyone's dad.

—Posted by David Kiefaber



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