Why is PETA not bugged by Zoo York's roach harassment?

Posted on Tue Jul 7 2009

What does Zoo York have against cockroaches? In this ad for the skateboarding brand, a pair of roaches are contemplating leaving a skate park when a young man on a board rolls over and crushes one of them. When the roach's friend asks if he's OK, the flattened insect replies, "Yeah, I'm all right. I just gotta walk it off." Ah, the resilience of the cockroach. If this is an attempt to be edgy, Zoo York has so far failed to even get a rise out of PETA, which famously took issue when President Obama, in an impromptu moment killed a fly, prompting the animal rights group to send the president a "humane bug catcher." Meanwhile, Zoo York's antipathy towards roaches goes back a ways. The brand ran an ad last year had the same plotline, but with fouler language from the mashed cockroach. The ads are part of a larger roach campaign, which includes a video of a person identified as "ZY Official Anthony Shetler" taking a bite out of a live cockroach and chasing it with a beer and a video of various skaters and bikers dumping containers of cockroaches with "ZY" painted on their backs onto New York City streets and watching people freak out. What's behind Zoo York's obsession? It's a nod to the company's "unbreakable" footwear, which it likens to a cockroach, though the ads have another thing in common: They're disgusting.

—Posted by Elana Glowatz



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