If you're going to eat a giant block of lipstick, make it Burt's Bees

Posted on Thu Dec 10 2009


Who's up for a lovely big block of lipstick for lunch? Burt's Bees, the natural products maker owned by The Clorox Co., has set up eye-catching installations (created by ad agency Zig) inside Toronto and Vancouver shopping malls to argue for natural versus synthetic personal-care products. The company, which makes facial, skin and hair products, claims its goodies are "95 percent natural or higher." Better to absorb that stuff into your system than lots of chemicals. Another installation shows a load of baby products stacked up to look like a giant bottle. The placard asks: "How much of what you put on your baby ends up in your baby?" Yikes. When quantified like this, advertising really hits home.

—Posted by Elaine Wong

Ikea's furniture sucks, but I have a soft spot for this commercial

Posted on Tue Jun 30 2009

Saw one of my favorite commercials last night. They seem to dust it off every year for a short spell and then put it away like some sort of special treat. The commercial is for Ikea, of all places. (It was created by Zig for Ikea Canada and then adapted for nine countries, including the U.S.) I've pretty much vowed never to shop at Ikea again after years of buying wobbly furniture with screws that want nothing more than to strip. Still, this spot, where the woman flees Ikea like she just robbed the place because it was so cheap, is a solid piece of 30-second cinema. Maybe it's the fact that she's dressed like an insane librarian. Maybe it's the sheer over-the-top joy she exhibits as she and her husband pull away. Or maybe it's just a relatable scenario. Generally, if I notice, I'll point it out to the person at the register if they've undercharged me (although it's usually the other way around). But given the amount of crappy furniture I've bought from that place, combined with the hours I've spent assembling it, I would have to consider letting it slide if an Ikea cashier forgot to ring me up for a shelving unit, a wicker chair or set of scented candles. I don't know if I could mount the enthusiasm that the actress in the spot summons, but I'd probably feel pretty good. Or at the very least, justified.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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