Yum! Brands has been very bad, gets a spanking from the PTC

Posted on Thu Dec 10 2009


Shame on you, Yum! Brands. According to the Parents Television Council, the fast-food conglomerate (which owns KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, among other chains) supports the most family-unfriendly prime-time shows of any advertiser, according to its media buys. General Mills, meanwhile, was rated the best. Click here to see the full list. The PTC didn't get into specifics, but said it generally goes after those who support shows like the CW's Gossip Girl and Fox's Family Guy. But what if your target demo is a 15-year-old? Don't you have to buy time during those shows? Glen Erickson, director of corporate relations at the PTC, said no and noted that Coca-Cola "targets a wide range of folks" and was still No. 3 on the "best" list. "Levi's also isn't on this list, which I think is interesting," Erickson said. He pointed out some success the group has had in recent years by compiling its list. Payless was No. 1 on the worst list in 2007, but is now No. 6 on the best list, thanks to buys on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? and other shows. But Erickson said it mostly seems like a losing battle. "Things are deteriorating," he said of the increasing coarseness of TV content. "Our goal is to slow down the deteriorating."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Yum! Brands sincerely supports your efforts to lose that weight

Posted on Wed Dec 31 2008


In our opinion, there's really no better way to follow up an 840-calorie Fiesta Taco Salad* than a quick trip to a no-impact virtual gym.
  Yum! Brands, the Louisville, Ky.-based proud parent of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's and A&W Restaurants, is getting ready to offer an online fitness tool to assuage the consciences of those who would like to get in shape after the New Year while still indulging in Yum!'s food. Yum! is partnering with eFIT4Me to offer "free" (wait for it...) online exercise programs on each of its five restaurant sites. The initiative is part of the company's "Keep it balanced" effort, which is fine for those who can "balance" a value-menu bargain with a side of portion control (i.e., not us).
  The press release goes on to remind us that each Yum! restaurant has some healthy options, such as Taco Bell's Fresco Menu (each item has 9 grams of fat or less), Pizza Hut's Fit 'N Delicious lower-fat pies and KFC's soon-to-debut Kentucky Grilled Chicken.
  A trial membership will last for a month. After the 30 days are up, it's $5.99 a month—50 percent off the normal price of an eFIT4Me membership (but still a lot for a robot trainer, right?). Then there's our suggestion for avoiding eFIT4Me. You know, where the chalupa screams, "Just don't eat me!"
  *Don't worry, only 390 of these calories are fat-based.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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