Village People 'dismayed' as YMCA shortens its name to 'The Y'

By T.L. Stanley on Thu Jul 15 2010


Boy, that would've been a short song if the Village People hadn't dug in their costumed heels and vowed to keep singing "YMCA" despite the Young Men's Christian Association's decision to officially shorten its brand name to "The Y." The San Francisco-bred pop collective has issued a statement saying its members are "deeply dismayed" about the name change, and they'll continue to sing all four letters—with arm movements!—at their concerts around the world. Sigh of relief! The Y now joins some other truncated, Twitter-friendly names like NPR (National Public Radio always sounded so stuffed shirt), KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken always sounded so greasy) and The Shack (RadioShack always sounded so dweeby). Chevrolet's going the opposite direction, but name shortening is officially a trend. Which brand is next, readers? Post suggestions, and make it brief.



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