Now, Wrigley's Juicy Fruit gum will do your sweet talking for you

By Elaine Wong on Wed Aug 11 2010


Just when you need some sweetness in your day, Juicy Fruit, the (now Mars-owned) Wrigley gum brand, has launched a new mobile app that lets you do just that. The app, called "Sweet Talk," available in Apple's iTunes Store, lets you pick from one of "five mouthy characters." You then hold your phone over your mouth, and the characters blurt out sweet nothings to whoever's standing nearby. The gang comes armed with 25 sweet sayings. The characters include DJ Spraytan, "a fist-pumper from the Jersey Shore," who says things like, "You're so sweet, I wanna take you on the tilt-a-whirl. You gonna keep the cookies in the jar, or what?" For those of you who love your next-door neighbors, look no further than Mrs. Nextdoor. Her catchy phrases include: "You're so sweet, I'm gonna take you out for an ice-cream sundae. You da toppins!" (Yeah, man!) Ad agency Evolution Bureau create the app, which is free. No, didn't think you would actually pay for it.

Wrigley getting all secretive and sci-fi to introduce 5 React gum

Posted on Wed Mar 31 2010


Upon visiting, you will feel as if you've entered a virtual world or a preview for an upcoming video game. It's hard to believe that such large theatrics (a spaceship-like landing page, sci-fi music, secret messages) were created for the launch of such a small product: gum. How did I find the site? By being one of the lucky ones to receive a black envelope containing a sample of Wrigley's new 5 React gum, 3-D glasses, and a code that promises to "unlock your personalized sensory experience." But it can't be unlocked unless you connect with Facebook and share your experience with friends. I won't spoil the fun for all those waiting for their black envelopes, especially considering the traction this viral effort is getting on 5 React's Facebook page. (It has more than 1 million fans.) I'm putting on my 3-D glasses as we speak.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina



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