Makers of the Wow Toilet Tank promise a royal flush of marketing

Posted on Thu Mar 4 2010


Guys, do you remember the first time you unzipped in a restroom somewhere and noticed that the proprietors had installed one of those changeable advertising placards at eye level, right above the flush handle? Chances are, you thought either: a) What a great marketing idea!, or b) Damn it, can't I just take a leak in peace? Well, if you answered "b," stop reading now.
  If not, take a seat. In what its creators are calling "the newest niche in effective billboard space," the Wow Toilet Tank Co. of Westminster, Calif., is selling a clear toilet tank that permits the insertion of advertisements and marketing messages of your choice. Setup is easy! Simply remove your existing water tank and replace it with the Wow tank—which, for $89.95, comes compete with plumbing parts and water-saving flush valves "that actually help the product pay for itself." You can drop in your own ads, or better yet, turn the old commode into a revenue-generating machine by renting out the space. The Wow Toilet, its makers assure us, is perfect for hotels, bars, restaurants, schools, theme parks, theaters, airports and more.
  Of course, there's always the chance that some humorless member of the public might get angry about the further intrusion of marketing into private space. But don't worry. The Wow Toilet Tank comes with "dual key locks on the lid for security."

—Posted by Robert Klara



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