Corn reveals another superhero power: eliminating cat-litter odor

Posted on Mon Mar 22 2010


A little-known fact of today's agricultural-industrial complex is that corn doesn't just show up in most every packaged food we eat, it's also a key ingredient in things like spark plugs, washer fluid, latex paint, aluminum, insecticide, shoe polish and even explosives. (Hey, don't accuse us of being anti-agribusiness. These facts come from the folks at the Ontario Corn Producers Association.) And now, into this maze of maize applications comes what has to be the most astonishing corn property of them all: the power to eliminate the funk of kitty. That's right. According to the folks at the modestly named World's Bets Cat Litter, the secret ingredient for keeping those noxious biscuits from dispatching a malodorous death cloud into your home is … corn. WBCL, according to the literature, "harnesses the microporous power of all-natural, whole-kernel corn to provide unsurpassed odor control." Heck, the stuff is also long-lasting and eco-friendly—which is presumably no small part of why WBCL can be found in the mansions of Paris Hilton, Martha Stewart and Miley Cyrus, among others. News flash: Corn also recently discovered in packages of frozen corn!

—Posted by Robert Klara



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