Quiznos invites you to create commercials as horrible as theirs

By T.L. Stanley on Wed Aug 25 2010

A word of warning: If you're on an acid trip right now, or think of taking a tab, don't watch these ads. They'll freak you right out. I'm sober as a judge, and I'm still unnerved after sitting through rasta dogs and pirate cats "singing" about toasted sandwiches. Quiznos, obviously you think your pet-centric commercials from WongDoody are high-larious. But you might be the only one. So, why did you have to go and invite other people to add to this disturbing cutout-kitten oeuvre? Why? Here's the contest, anyway: Submit your own version of the spots to Quiznos.com, and you could win some cash ($3,000, $4,000 or $5,000), and your video could be used as torture for the rest of us. Good luck, all. And please lay off the drugs.

Can you do better than the Quiznos singing-kittens commercial?

By Elaine Wong on Mon Jul 19 2010

We've seen it all. Singing dogs, a chocolate-chip-cookie choir and now … vocally inclined cats. Yes, felines are the singing sensation in this new spot from Quiznos. The ad, via WongDoody, shows three cats, dubbed "Singimals," who tout the restaurant chain's new $3, $4 and $5 menu offerings. (Yes, it's still a downturn, and people are looking for cheap meal deals.) This spot began running on national and local TV today. But wait. There's also a social-media component, in which consumers can create their own music video—using the song—for a chance to win $3,000, $4,000 or $5,000. For those of you who wonder how you can top the Quiznos spot, don't worry. Animal cruelty need not be involved. "Each of the cats was filmed individually, receiving treats throughout the day as an incentive to play and have fun with their instruments. No animals were hurt during filming of the commercial," the restaurant chain writes. We sure hope so.



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