Wise looking for NYC's best dancer in Big City Boogie promotion

Posted on Thu May 27 2010


Dipsy Doodles, baseball and dance contests go together like, well, nothing I've ever heard of before. But just go with it, people. Wise, a marketer known for its chips, popcorn, puffed cheese thingies and other salty snacks, just launched a summer-long contest to name New York City's best dancer ($10,000 to the fleet-footed winner). In this era of Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, Dance Your Ass Off and the upcoming, awkwardly titled Got to Dance (with Paula Abdul!), an urban dance-inspired promotion doesn't seem too unique. The surprise here is the name, Big City Boogie, which sounds more like something that would've caused grandpa to get jiggy back in the day. Wise, via agency Source Communications, will show up in a branded vehicle at lots of New York street fairs and outdoor events over the next few months, dragging a portable dance floor and street teams to capture contestants' moves on video. (Anyone can upload their "talent" to bigcityboogie.com.) Online voters will pick finalists, who'll compete for cash at the Mets-Phillies game in Queens on Aug. 14. Dance-cam alert! Social-media and viral campaigns, along with a Fuse TV partnership, radio, TV and outdoor ads support the promo. Now, if they could just find a logical connection between Bravos and break dancing.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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