If you want eyes on your butt, pick up some Winkers pants today

Posted on Tue Aug 25 2009

In this amateurish video for so-called "Winkers" pants, people walk for ridiculously long periods of time in front of a camera so the viewer can see the designs on their pants "wink." As the models move (to what sounds like the soundtrack from an '80s exercise video set in space), the fabric underneath their butt cheeks wrinkles and expands. This creates the illusion that painted-on eyes, or other well-placed images, are moving. Winkers come in five styles, ranging from what look like the majestic peepers of a genie to a couple of talkative ducks. My favorite: a Hollywood clapperboard with the word "Action" at the crease, mostly because it's begging for a crass joke. You can even order your own design, although "not all requests can be accommodated," according to the Web site. The video clocks in at over three and a half minutes, more than long enough to burn the images into my memory forever. I'll be seeing that brown owl in my nightmares.

—Posted by Elana Glowatz



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