Nauseating White Castle pork ad somehow perfect for the brand

Posted on Fri May 8 2009

You have to admire White Castle. You're not likely to find a brand more comfortable in its role. That role, of course, would be that of some really nasty food that tastes great. The goal of any visit to White Castle is always one of self-destruction. After six burgers, cheese fries and a Coke, you wonder, "What have I done to myself?" And yet you go back again, and in some sick way, you look forward to it. It is fitting, then, that its new pulled-pork ad would prove to be the most inadvertently vile food commercial since Domino's "Fudge Ems" spots. There is absolutely nothing appetizing about this dimly lit Flashdance send-up featuring someone in a pig outfit. The barbecue sauce splattering all over the joint is repulsive. And why exactly are those two people hanging out with a giant brown paper bag? Is someone ashamed to be seen with them? Yes indeed, it's a terrible ad for some terrible food. Yet, as I write this, I am thinking I need to go there soon.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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