Ironman champion Chris McCormack makes it to Wheaties box

By Todd Wasserman on Mon Oct 11 2010


When it comes to endorsement deals, endurance athletes don't really get their due. If you can hit a baseball well, you'll make millions. If you can win a 140.6-mile race that includes swimming, running and biking, you consider yourself lucky to take home the $20,000 in prize money. But now General Mills is recognizing Chris McCormack, who won the grueling Ford Iron Man Triathalon in Honolulu by putting him on the iconic Wheaties box. Since Wheaties' Fuel is a tie-in partner for the event, the deal makes sense, especially in an age when baseball heroes are often found to be steroid users. Speaking of ballplayers (not steroids), the first athlete to grace a Wheaties box was Lou Gherig, whose picture ran on the back in 1934.

Wheaties' Willis Reed box recalls era when Knicks weren't a joke

Posted on Wed Feb 4 2009


"In a time of mood rings and Pet Rocks, 36 cents bought a gallon of gas and a postage stamp cost a dime. At Madison Square Garden, the crowd went wild as they heard, 'Here Comes Willis ...' " So reads the nostalgic press release issued today announcing the new limited-edition Wheaties box featuring Willis Reed, the former Knicks star. Reed, who is making his first appearance for the cereal brand, was chosen to commemorate Black History Month. He joins Satchell Paige, Arthur Ashe, Walter Payton and others who have also received the honor. Sadly, no one on the Knicks' roster today (you know, like the 700-pound Jerome James or the seemingly insane Stephon Marbury) will ever end up being honored by the Breakfast of Champions.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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