Alec Baldwin does awkward yet charming TV spots for Wegmans

By T.L. Stanley on Wed Nov 24 2010

Many of us prefer to think of Alec Baldwin these days in his 30 Rock/Jack Donaghy context, unleashing a barrage of cutting quips that keep Liz Lemon and The Girlie Show gang on their toes. (And I mean this as opposed to, say, his stint as The Marrying Man.) But even a big TV star has to pay the bills (he's a divorced support-paying man now, after all), so Baldwin is shilling for the northeast-based grocery chain Wegmans. It seems his mom, Carol, is a fan, a fact that Baldwin mentioned during a David Letterman appearance not long ago. Wegmans picked up the reference and used it to recruit Baldwin and the family matriarch for a series of commercials that are pedestrian, kind of awkward and yet charming all at the same time. That's a good hat trick even for the Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming. See a second spot here.



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