Ed Anger of 'Weekly World News' ready to kick some ass online

Posted on Fri Jan 15 2010


Fox News may think it's cornered the market on right-wing rants, but veteran Weekly World News columnist Ed Anger knows better. There's plenty of room for his arch-conservative vitriol, along with newly minted brand extensions like a dedicated comic series, Web site, Twitter feed and Facebook page. For the uninitiated, Anger is the nom de guerre used by a number of WWN staffers over the years for a column called "The Angriest Generation," which is basically more O'Reilly than O'Reilly. Except it's funny. The writer once famously opened a column with this ditty: "I'm madder than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest." The legendary newspaper, which is online only these days under ownership of Bat Boy LLC, continues to farm out and exploit its best-known satirical features. The timing's right on for expanding the Ed Anger mantle, and the fake-rage-filled writer has come around to the digital age because he sees it as "a necessary, blunt-force instrument to man-up this spoiled, metro-sexualized, hacky-sack-playin' iGeneration," according to his press release. He figures going online will make him enough scratch for "ammo, canned beans and John Wayne movies on Betamax" while he waits for the inevitable apocalypse. Check him out here. (Image: IDW Publishing.)

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Not only is 'Weekly World News' still alive, it's got an iPhone app

Posted on Thu Aug 6 2009


Want your face on a classic Weekly World News cover that proves you have the "world's biggest ears!" or check in on the Bat Boy secret that "the government doesn't want you know"? Yeah, there's an app for that. Kudos to the suits behind Bat Boy LLC, led by investor Neil McGinness, who took over the venerable Weekly World News brand last year, for keeping the franchise moving forward. The supermarket tabloid ceased publishing in 2007, but it's still alive and well in books, merchandise, musicals and more. Its Web site is updated daily. Current headlines: "Megan Fox is a man!" and "Dead woman gives birth in coffin." And for the politicos out there, the intrepid WWN tracked down a transcript of Bill Clinton's sit-down this week with Kim Jong Il and found that the former U.S. president had an assist from the King (Elvis, not Burger) to spring those two journalists from a North Korean hoosegow. Though it's an old-school institution, WWN is hip to the kids and has just launched an iPhone app. For a mere buck, you get a couple dozen iconic covers and the ability to superimpose your photo (or someone else's) into the black-and-white pics of the paranormal, pathetic and just plain weird. Fake information at your fingertips! What could be better?

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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