Wedding industry bends over backwards catering to millennials

By David KIefaber on Wed Nov 3 2010


Millennials, ever the iconoclasts, tend to favor personal style over luxury (good thing, because we're probably all screwed for life financially), and this preference even crosses over into traditional money-pit expenditures like weddings. Strangely, they still value marriage over careers and financial success, and the wedding industry is scrambling to mass-produce the kind of unique individualism that twentysomethings demand. Jewelers are doing their part by letting customers design their own engagement rings, and by marketing those new options accordingly. Slogans like "Your love is unique, so too should be your engagement ring" (which sounds like a line of dialogue from Pride & Prejudice) and "Personalize your special day your way" demonstrate which way the wind is blowing. I'd like to see wedding advertisements shy away from the corny white-lace motifs they've been using since time began and delve into more subcultural flair, but even that effort is moot if rings still cost north of five grand. A luxury item is still a luxury item, no matter how customizable it is.



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