Contortionists and fire-breathers perfect for that potato-chip ad

Posted on Tue Mar 3 2009

It's always fun when a mundane product like potato chips gets an absurdly lavish TV commercial. That's the case here, as London's AMV BBDO introduces new Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chili chips. This isn't just a snack; it's "a journey through flavor." And it's dramatized in the spot by contortionists crab-walking around in red body suits, a flower-haired vixen pouring honey, and bare-chested daredevils breathing fire. According to the press materials: "Shot in Bangkok, Thailand, the ad explores flavor through performance and takes the viewer through each stage of their taste journey, from the spicy tingling of chili and basil, to the mellow sweetness and culminating in a building heat. Combining traditional Thai performance with a modern twist, the ad features a beautiful Thai dancer, expert fire-breathers and amazing contortionists, and ends in a spectacular explosion of color." Available at your corner store for a modest 99p.

—Posted by Tim Nudd



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