Dietician and director do voodoo to create a very Brady tequila

Posted on Mon Apr 6 2009


Look out, Greg Brady. Voodoo Tiki Tequila has launched. As tequila continues to be one of the few recession-proof products, many new players are entering the fray, including the fearsome Voodoo Tiki. The brand was not inspired by the Brady Bunch, per a rep. "The name actually has nothing to do with Vincent Price tying the Brady boys to tikis in that cave in Hawaii, but nice reference," the rep says. Rather, it was created by sometime director John Taddeo and his dietician wife, who got the idea while on vacation in Jalisco, Mexico. The brand is based on the legend that the tequila is stored in barrels made from magic Voodoo Tikis hidden in Mexico on an agave farm. Some claim the magical properties of the individual tiki are absorbed by the tequila. Thus, there is a glass voodoo tiki inside each bottle and a unique magic word on every bottle. Fans of the brand collect bottles because no two bottles are the same.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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