There is plenty to fear if you don't fly Virgin Atlantic upper class

Posted on Mon Mar 1 2010

I'm currently reading the book Nothing to Envy, an exposé of the famines and dictatorial control of citizens' everyday life in North Korea, so these satirical complaints by putative Virgin Atlantic Upper Class customers come off as particularly jarring and pathetic, as well as witty and well-executed. The videos, from Young & Rubicam in New York, feature people who are afraid of not flying the airline. Executed in superb, Christopher Guest-like mockumentary style, the interviews get more and more outlandish. There's the exec who is scared that if he doesn't get that lie-flat bed on Virgin, he won't get his six hours of beauty sleep. But he acknowledges that having 10 hours of sleep is "just unfair," though he declines to explain further. Another man claims that when he doesn't get the aisle seat, he has to get on his seatmate's schedule and, in a sense, become that person. A recent flight was particularly hard, since the seatmate was a 45-year-old woman with marital problems and a son away at college who doesn't call. "Why doesn't he call?" the man asks plaintively. "It hurts." Another man—a Napoleon Dynamite lookalike—is brought to tears recalling how a recent non-Virgin flight lacked a free massage. I suggest all these folks bring a copy of that book for the next flight.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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