Samsung publicity stunt neither done publicly nor really a stunt

Posted on Tue Jul 28 2009

Samsung wanted a publicity stunt to promote its new Jet Phone, and having elephants bungee-jump into Piccadilly Circus from a flying saucer was certainly an ambitious idea. However, considering the physics involved, computer-generating the whole thing was their only option, and The Viral Factory did an impressive job of it. Publicity stunts that can't realistically happen in public are still weak sauce, though, which doesn't do the Jet Phone justice—it's named for the 800MHz processor inside and boasts an impressive camera, too, which was carefully pointed out just after the stunt. The lingering question is how people who couldn't see the hidden cameras focusing on every Samsung logo within 50 feet of the stunt will connect what they saw with the Jet Phone, because there's no obvious relationship between the two. They should consider that for their next round of high-tech hucksterism.

—Posted by David Kiefaber



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