Audi tries to herd all those barrels of foreign oil back on the boat

Posted on Wed Jul 1 2009

Audi rolls out the barrels in this new ad by Venables Bell & Partners for its Turbo Direct Injection clean-diesel engine technology, but these aren't barrels of fun. In fact, they look rather sinister as they make their way down the streets of a highway, suburban street, small town and city. So, it's surprising that most people just seem bemused by them. If a bunch of barrels were rolling down my street, I'd run out my house yelling "What the hell is going on?" like that girl in Poltergeist. But rather than build a retaining wall to keep the barrels out, Audi suggests using TDI to send them back to wherever they came from (so the Chinese could buy them, presumably). As visual metaphors go, this certainly gets the point across, as does the tagline, "Diesel. It's no longer a dirty word." I guess that has a better ring than "Diesel. The other pink fluid" or maybe "Diesel. It's not just for semis anymore."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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