The Vassarettes don't need encouragement to take off their tops

Posted on Tue Feb 17 2009


Back in the punk days, you weren't truly initiated into the sisterhood of rock until some drunken slob shouted "Take your top off!" while not noticing that you totally nailed the bass run to "Hey Joe." Today, this prefab gal band can show their rock chops right away. They already hit the stage in their underwear.
  Meet the Vassarettes, advertising's "first and hottest bra brand band." Vanity Fair Inc. hired this quartet of fair lasses through an American Idol-esque audition to serve as a modern version of the Runaways to rock and also model its Vassarette brand of bras. It's as if they wanted the rock authenticity of the Donnas with the marketing pliancy of the Pussycat Dolls. The Kim Fowley/Svengali figure here was Nicole Dionne of PrimalScream Music, an apt company name for someone charged with creating a female version of the Monkees. A Web site,, now serves as an introduction to the band, which features Emily (vocals, bass), Erin (vocals, guitar), Kai Elle (vocals, keytar) and Alexa (drums). "Are you ready for the real thing?" the theme song teases on the intro page, which is an odd start for a group formed in a talent agency's boardroom, but whatever. And actually, it's catchy and jangly and power poppy and hard not to like. The site includes a "Bras" area with all the rocker trappings and bras flung around as if you've stumbled into an all-girl orgy—you click on one to learn about each undergarment's particulars. The "Band" area features video and diaries. Our fave is the "Buzz" part of the site—none of the links seem to work. Hmm, is that because there isn't any? (To be fair, the "Fan Club" link says "Coming soon.")
  The Vassarettes will make their TV debut on Style Network's Running in Heels on April 19.

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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