English language set to be horribly mangled during the upfronts

Posted on Thu Apr 23 2009

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There are a lot of reasons to love the upfronts, the annual spring marketplace where TV networks hawk their wares to the country's advertisers. Chief among them may be that I'm not a TV ad-sales exec trying to pry hundreds of millions of dollars from the ever-tightening fists of risk-averse, economy-battered marketers. Another is the cavalcade of new programming that gets announced for next season. Bravo, for instance, will have more bitchy, fashion-y shows, high-end food fights and housewives. And inevitably, some new marketing catch phrases are finding their way into the lexicon, providing a lot of unintended entertainment.
  • NBC Universal's Spanish-language network, Telemundo, just released a study with Meredith Hispanic Ventures saying that today's Latina is the primary decision maker for the family's finances. Her title? "Chief household officer." Does that come with a raise? • Oxygen, the cable channel that's shamelessly launching a series called Dance Your Ass Off, for overweight shakers of their money makers, is reaching out to 18- to 34-year-old "spenders" (those not traumatized by the recession), "trenders" (early adopters) and "recommenders" (also known as influencers). Catchy! • The CW, after creating the term "Cwingers" during last year's sales push, is now putting it into action with a Dove/Gossip Girl initiative where sponsored on-air vignettes point fans to webisodes and back again to TV. Not sure what that has to do with "Cwinging," but I can't get Wayne's World out of my head here anyway.
  And there's so much more wordsmithing yet to come, since the upfront really starts percolating in May. Fourth-rated NBC's chief Ben Silverman alone is bound to come up with some whoppers.

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