Sasha Obama gives Uglydoll her special sassy seal of approval

Posted on Wed Jan 14 2009


On Sasha Obama's first day at the Sidwell Friends school in Washington, reporters went into a frenzy and began shouting "ugly doll!" at the trinket dangling from her backpack. But the plaything wasn't more raggedy than poor old Ann. It was an actual brand-name Uglydoll—one of those cult plushie monsters adored by art majors.
  The 7-year-old soon-to-be First Daughter was sporting a trés-cool turquoise "Babo's Bird" Uglydoll clip-on (shown here). Her choice of tchotchke was noted in hyper-detailed reports everywhere from Yahoo! to the New York Post to the Today show—and then, of course, mock-noted on The Daily Show. We called Alita Friedman, director of operations at toy maker Pretty Ugly, to gauge the level of ecstasy over the presidential product placement. She says it's too soon to tell whether sales of the little monsters, designed by David Horvath, will go through the roof.
  This isn't the first time Sasha O. has been profiled as a style icon in the vein of Jackie O. The Huffington Post has run photo essays titled "Sasha Obama's Sassiest Moments" and "Sasha Obama's Sassy Vacation Sunglasses."

—Posted by Becky Ebenkamp



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