KFC embraces user-generated content with some horrific results

By David Kiefaber on Fri Jul 9 2010

KFC's Facebook feed yielded this gem, a presumably fan-made parody of  the Double Rainbow Song that pays tribute to KFC's repulsive Double Down sandwich. Stealing ideas from Internet memes rarely works, because the lifespan of an Internet joke is usually pretty short; the reference is dated almost the very second it's made. And that's if the creators stumble upon a meme that isn't already played out and stale by the time they riff on it. Which brings us to the trouble with KFC's video—it's annoying and goes on for too long, and anyone who doesn't get what it's referring to will hate it. People who do get it probably won't care, and honestly the video's comments are more impressed with the KFC/Taco Bell combination than the video itself. I get that KFC wants to enhance their brand with user-generated content—so does everyone else—but a little quality control will go a long way. Celebrating this crap just makes them look bad, and they don't need any more help in that department.



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