Honda aims to boldly go where Segway pathetically went before

Posted on Wed Sep 30 2009

The Segway may have turned out to be something of a punch line, especially when Paul Blart rides one. But that hasn't stopped imitators from coming out with their own self-balancing electric vehicles. In fact, one of the hottest online videos right now is this soundless demonstration of Honda's entry to the market, the U3-X. The U3-X looks like a motorized unicycle, though the wheel is actually made up of several small wheels that rotate independently, allowing for side-to-side and backward motion. It's unclear at this point when the U3-X might be ready for the market, or what the applications could be. For the lazy? The morbidly obese? Oh yeah, there's a huge market for it here in the U.S.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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