truTV will make you talk back at the screen like a complete idiot

Posted on Tue Jul 28 2009

Warning: truTV transforms viewers into hecklers. In this spot for the cable channel, via Mother, New York, a narrator explains that the "real-life action" on truTV makes viewers think they can communicate with the people in the programs. Thus, the man in this ad shouts at his TV screen just about everything you'd hear from the loudest moviegoer during any horror film. ("What are you doing" and "No, don't eat that" will be particularly familiar to those who've attended a few too many student-discount nights.) His neighbors hear him and think he's reprimanding them, which makes for awkward elevator rides. As funny as this commercial is, what really caught my attention were the scolded neighbors. The woman was simply breaking her diet to enjoy a snack—I felt bad for her. But the man was photographing a dog in a bikini. What's that about? I'm glad he was embarrassed. Maybe truTV is good for something after all.

—Posted by Elana Glowatz



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