Testing Schlage's remote locks looks like a pretty miserable job

Posted on Wed Jun 10 2009

The smarmy host and the hapless assistant is an old showbiz standby going back at least to Wild Kingdom's Marlon Perkins and Jim Fowler. While Perkins was narrating from the comfort of his TV studio, Fowler was wrestling an angry boa. TracyLocke offers a riff on this concept with new ads for lock maker Schlage. A prime selling point of the new Schlage locks is that you can open them via your cell phone and get a text message when someone enters. To demonstrate this, the host, Roger, is shown on a sunny day while Larry was sent to a rainy Seattle to activate the lock. Poor Larry then tries to exit the scene but is pushed back by the camera crew. In another spot, Larry is sent to a seemingly more comfortable environment—an office—but gets coffee spilled all over his shirt. In sequels, they should send Larry over to the house when a text message shows someone has broken in, so his beatings can continue.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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