J&R giving New Yorkers more bike messengers, Chinese menus

Posted on Thu Dec 3 2009


As we Noo Yawkers know, bicycle messengers and Chinese menus are as much a part of the landscape as taxis and slow-walking tourists from the Midwest. Until now, though, no one's capitalized on those Gothamite fixtures quite like J&R Music and Computer World has. The chain, a local presence since 1971, is working with agency Toy to get the word out about its same-day delivery service by dispatching bike messengers with huge (empty, one hopes) boxes on their backs that are purported to contain J&R appliances. Of course, there's a social-media component: Spot one of the bikers, take a pic and you get a $10 gift card (what sports!). But for me, the cleverest touch is the faux Chinese menu, being dropped under doors, in mail slots and building lobbies, which lists items like PC hardware instead of the usual General Tso's chicken. Then again, New Yorkers may be too jaded to notice what's on the menu, and if they do, it's because they're hungry and they might get pissed off by the whole thing.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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