Less 'shop,' more 'aholic' in Touchstone's new 'Confessions' ads

Posted on Fri Feb 6 2009

"All she ever wanted was a little credit."
  Sure, the tagline for the rom-com Confessions of a Shopaholic, opening Feb. 13, is meant to be a double entendre. But isn't it somewhat poor form to release a movie while the economy is in tatters that's about a fashionista who plays fast and loose with the AmEx card?
  That could be why Disney's Touchstone Pictures started airing a new trailer this week (the one shown here is the original) that focuses less on the lead character's Barneys obsession and more on her life transformation. It's the bad girl (way, way over her limit) turned good (all grown up and fiscally responsible!). The new ad, airing during popular prime-time shows like Lost, does not feature long, loving shots of window displays at Gucci or hair-pulling girl fights over a prized pair of Jimmy Choos. Instead, it shows Isla Fisher, as recovering shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood, coming into her own as a young career woman with a gig—gasp!—as a financial columnist. And yes, she curbs her own runaway spending.
  See? All it takes is a new job. And where else but Hollywood do you find one of those right now?

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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