Great (and troubled) minds think alike for Wazoo and Budweiser

Posted on Mon Mar 23 2009

The ad on the left, for Topps' Wazoo candy bar, is pretty clever, in an out-there kind of way. But it's also somewhat familiar. Could it be that the marketer and its ad agency are cribbing from the trippy Budweiser "Taste Bud" commercials (right) that aired in the late 1970s? The similarities are pretty damning. Both ads feature a group of guys who are supposed to be taste buds and are dressed in outfits that are dead ringers for the sperm suits that Woody Allen and others wore in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask. Come to think of it, that movie really nailed the idea in the first place when it showed a group of workers inside a man's stomach cleaning up after some fettucine.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Bazooka Joe defies critics, takes over at Topps Confectionary

Posted on Tue Mar 10 2009


The new top dog at Topps Confectionary wears an eye patch and is known for doling out some of the worst jokes known to mankind. His name is Bazooka Joe. The character, who debuted in 1953, will be front and center now that Topps Confectionary is changing its name to Bazooka Candy Brands. Michael Eisner, who acquired Topps in 2007, made the announcement late last week. Topps owns the Ring Pop, Push Pop and much-maligned Baby Bottle Pop brands. The company plans to bring Bazooka Joe to life "in a variety of mediums and promotional activities." Considering some of his classic jokes include "The early bird gets the worm. Some reward!" and "Your homework is like a juicy steak: rarely done!," hopefully those activities will not include a stand-up comedy routine.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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