TomTom GPS devices add the soothing voice of Homer Simpson

Posted on Wed Jun 17 2009


I don't know if I'd be more appalled or frightened hearing Homer Simpson's disembodied voice guide me along as I drive. Yet that prospect has become a reality now that GPS maker TomTom is partnering with Locutio Voice Technologies and Fox Licensing to bring Homer to all TomTom devices via a $12.95 download. OK, backtracking, I would probably be amused having Homer in my car—someone to talk to and laugh with while driving those lonely, narrow nighttime roads. However, as weeks and months slid by, I would begin to look like a middle-aged, overweight cartoon character due to Homer comments such as "Take the third right for the ice cream truck! Mmm … ice cream." Then I would not be laughing anymore. And what if the device malfunctioned and made inappropriate or frightening or remarks like, "Take the third right, donut! ... Mmm people"? Homer would be fun at first, but I prefer the calming, ambiguous voice of a British woman, a male college professor, or even Mr. Moviephone. Thanks but no thanks, TomTom!

—Posted by Allison Shafir



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