Tide to Go cleans up your lovely gray sweatpants for a night out

Posted on Tue May 11 2010

I live in New Jersey, so the idea of going out for a night on the town in sweatpants isn't all that exotic. Yet in this ad for instant stain remover Tide to Go, agency Saatchi & Saatchi mines the concept for comic possibilities with some success. Two guys (one a dead ringer for Eric Bana) dressed up for some clubbing give their friend some grief over his sartorial choice. But in a move that offers encouragement to slovenly guys everywhere, Sweatpants Man stands his ground, insisting they're "sweatslacks." He does, however, concede that an unsightly stain on the pants is egregious, leading to a showcase of the product (which appears to have magical properties). I take issue, however, with the tagline, "Style is an option. Clean is not." Isn't it better to wear a stained suit than a clean pair of sweats? Outside of Jersey, I mean?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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