'Truth or Lies' video game will test out a rudimentary lie detector

Posted on Fri May 21 2010


That harmless game of Truth or Dare—you know, the one you play when you have no intention of sharing past indiscretions—just got a techy new twist that may make it harder to fib. At the very least, it could open you up to all manner of accusation and humiliation. Let's play! THQ, a video game company best known for releasing a lot of licensed WWE and UFC titles, might see some smackdowns in the living room when Truth or Lies debuts in the fall. The "party" game, in development now for the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, provides a bunch of "thought-provoking questions," according to its press materials. And with a "proprietary voice calibration system" that works with a USB mic or Xbox 360 wireless mic, the game will measure the stress level in players' voices, acting like an on-the-spot lie detector. No detective required! So, parents can grill their kids (let's just guess they'll substitute their own questions) and gauge the answers in front of the whole family—all in the name of fun! I want to get a look at this ad campaign, which should include this caveat: Thumb tacks (for shoving into your feet and cheating the system) not included. Or maybe that's the deluxe version.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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