Apple still feels the love (or maybe not) from NBC's 'The Office'

Posted on Tue Feb 10 2009

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Is The Office down on Apple these days?
  The company has been integrated into the show a bunch of times. During the super-sized post-Super-Bowl episode, the drones of Dunder Mifflin were invited to let it all out in a roast of the most inappropriate boss of all time, Michael Scott (Steve Carell). Pam (Jenna Fischer) said she accidentally saw Michael naked in his office once, and "his thing was so small. If it was an iPod, it would be a shuffle."
  That's a real switch from the days when Michael brought an iPod to the office's white-elephant Christmas gift exchange and set off a near frenzy among the coveting co-workers. Or even this past week's installment, when Michael told Pam to listen to her iPod while chauffering him to various branch offices. "That's dangerous," she said. Safety message!
  The Reveille-produced comedy has been known to poke fun at its integration partners before, with Chili's restaurant serving as the cheesy venue for an office shindig and Staples as a step-down employer when Dwight (Rainn Wilson) jumps ship. Maybe it's in the contract (or should be): expect irreverence.

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