TCBY jets into the future with its own ultramodern interior design

By Robert Klara on Fri Jul 23 2010


Those of you who follow the intersecting planes of cutting-edge interior design and, uh, cheeseburgers will probably remember how McDonald's started redoing its restaurants in 2006 into Euro-chic nooks (see the four images below) with wood-slat room dividers, amoeba-shaped couches and avant-garde muraling (all courtesy of French tastemaker Philippe Avanzi, though executed in the U.S. by Lippincott Mercer). The idea wasn't just to update the look of restaurants that hadn't had a facelift since 1976 but to cater to the visual discernment of the digital generation by creating "linger zones" with puffy couches and WiFi connections to go with those nifty new Asian salads.
  Well, add another restaurant chain to list of those out to woo the eyes and palettes of the digi-kid crowd. TCBY, the brand that introduced the swirly stuff now known as fro-yo back in 1981, last week opened up a new prototype store in Salt Lake City (see above) that's not only based on a self-service model (think of the labor savings!) but has given more work to those Jetsons-loving interior designers—StruckAxiom, in this case—who'll tell you the Atomic era has returned in the form of Saarinen tulip chairs and pink and purple mushroomy things. According to TCBY, the new digs "synch up nicely with a shift in the consumer mindset, particularly among Gen X and Y." And why not? "Y" is already in the brand name, after all.




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