Riding in a Mini is so exhilarating, it will jiggle your man-boobs

Posted on Wed Apr 14 2010

This Canadian ad for Mini makes a claim that I believe is unique in the annals of auto advertising: Our car will make your man-boobs undulate. Here, a pair of buddies—one resembles David Spade, the other Arzt on Lost—take a high-speed spin, which prompts Arzt to declare: "This thing really handles!" The revelry gives way to awkwardness, however, when Arzt's man-boobs begin quavering and Spade looks away, feeling shame for both of them. Following advertising tradition, the mortification is broken by a deadpan punch line (Arzt's "I'll get out and walk from here") and then some upbeat music. Still, nice work, Taxi. In 30 seconds, you managed to show off the car and get in a solid laugh.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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