Dissed shop kidnaps Syfy rabbit, threatens to make rabbit soup

Posted on Fri Dec 4 2009


One of the agencies that was shunned for Syfy's most recent guerilla marketing assignment has taken matters into its own hands. Members of the agency Cunning apparently kidnapped one of the 50 people who (as we wrote about yesterday) are dressed as rabbits today to promote the upcoming Syfy movie Alice. The rabbit was handing out information to people on the streets in SoHo when he was abducted. Floyd Hayes, "head creative bloke" at the agency, sent this video to us. (UPDATE: Hayes was asked to remove the video from YouTube, but a Quicktime version is posted on his blog.) BrandFreak contacted Hayes to negotiate the terms of the rabbit's release. Hayes said, "We found him, me and my gang, after we went to Union Square to check out the show [where all 50 rabbits step danced]. We've done a number of non-traditional projects for Syfy in the past, but not this one." So, Hayes says they now have the rabbit "tied up in our office until we get an RFP from Syfy. Then we'll release him." Note: Hayes is British, and I don't really get their sense of humor, so I can't tell if he was kidding. Still, other Syfy rabbits, take heed.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Syfy set to unleash a pack of giant freaky white rabbits in NYC

Posted on Thu Dec 3 2009


You can experience a lot walking down a street in New York City. There are naked cowboys, singing panhandlers and a never-ending display of guerrilla marketing stunts. On Friday, commuters and tourists visiting historic landmarks will get the opportunity to wonder whether or not someone slipped them some LSD compliments of Syfy. To promote its four-hour movie Alice, the network will have 50 white rabbits dressed in formal attire handing out playing cards featuring Alice and the Mad Hatter. The cards say: "Have you seen this pair?" The trippy display will culminate in Union Square at 12:30 p.m., where the 50 rabbits and Alice will perform a choreographed step-dance routine. No word on whether a hookah-smoking caterpillar will be in attendance.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein



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