SUXORZ celebrates the worst social-media marketing of the year

Posted on Thu Feb 4 2010


There are lots of awards for the best social-media campaigns, but what about the worst? Henry Copeland, CEO and founder of BlogAds, has jumped into that void with SUXORZ, an award show now in its third year that celebrates bad social-media advertising. Copeland met with Ian Schafer, Steve Hall, B.L. Ochman and Caroline McCarthy last night in New York to vote on a "winner." (The name SUXORZ, by the way, is teen slang for "this sucks," according to Copeland.) This year's champ? A billboard for a "Local 15" Alabama news program that included a Twitter feed, resulting in the awkward tweet "3 accused of gang rape in Monroeville," juxtaposed with a pic of the program's three anchors. Meanwhile, winners of individual rounds included "Crusty Armpit," a truly revolting campaign from a surprising source, Procter & Gamble's Old Spice, and Ryanair, which rewarded a helpful consumer by calling him an idiot. They joined past winners like Hewlett-Packard's PayPerPost campaign of 2007, in which the company subsidized bloggers for good buzz; and a 2008 campaign for PC peripherals maker Belkin, in which the company paid for good reviews. Congrats to the Local 15 crew. Maybe you could tweet news of this award?

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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