Sunset Strip clubs rethink the bar crawl with help from Twitter

Posted on Thu Jul 16 2009


Eons ago, back in my hillbilly hometown, there was something called the Bambi Walk, which was considered a rite of passage and, to some, the rip-roaringest way to spend a 21st birthday. You'd start at that club way down yonder and drink your way through several miles of seedy establishments, ending up at a choice watering hole called the Bambi Bar. If that Disney-esque woodland creature by the front door could talk, oh the stories it could tell.
  It seems people still like the pub crawl, but in Los Angeles, it's upscale! And with Twitter! The Sunset Strip, a 1.3-mile stretch of bars, restaurants and clubs, recently launched its first Tweet Crawl, with the Comedy Store, the Viper Room, the Roxy and others sending out Tweets about drink specials, free tickets, prizes and perks. The event was part of an overall Twitter-based marketing push for the Sunset Strip, which, like most shopping and nightlife areas, has been slammed by the recession. Traditional marketing didn't really fit the bill or the pocketbook, so the businesses went for social (read: free) media. In a matter of weeks, @TheSunsetStrip has amassed nearly 5,500 followers on Twitter, and @theroxy has more than 16,000.
  The Tweet Crawl was a success, and, this being Hollywood, there's a sequel in the works already. Look for Tweet Crawl 2 in the next few months.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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