Ray-Ban tries something completely new: taxicab confessionals!

Posted on Thu Jan 22 2009


If you happen to be at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, this week, be sure to catch a ride in one of Ray-Ban's 10 taxicabs whizzing around town. If you're really lucky (or unlucky), you might even score a seat in the Truth or Dare taxi, where you'll be asked to offer an on-camera truth-or-dare confessional—and if it's a good one, it could end up posted on Ray-Ban.com. Just like with Discovery Channel's much sought-after Cash Cab in New York City, the Truth or Dare taxi is offering a prize to the winner: a free trip to next year's Sundance Festival. The campaign was developed by outdoor media agency Show Media, planning agency Vizeum and media buying firm Posterscope.
  The effort is a change of pace for Ray-Ban, which is more often seen clogging traffic than driving in it.

—Posted by Elaine Wong



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