Consumers loudly oppose deafening compostable SunChips bag

By David Kiefaber on Tue Aug 24 2010


Companies soliciting consumer feedback from social-networking sites should be advised that those consumers often act like petulant children. The latest example of this is SunChips' new biodegradable packaging, which is apparently too loud for 40,000 pairs of delicate ears, judging by the SORRY BUT I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THIS SUN CHIPS BAG group on Facebook, which is raging against the new bags. "The loudest, most annoying bag on the planet," reads one comment, while another laments that "1 week after the change I stopped buying SunChips. Used to eat 2-4 bags a week. No more! I want silence to sit and enjoy my snack, not an evil bag that makes horrible noise even sitting still!" This sounds like empty bleating, which it is, but this kind of thing works. Pepsi withdrew new designs for its Tropicana juice packaging after a couple of weeks because the response on Twitter was so overwhelmingly bitchy. Frito-Lay, which owns SunChips and is itself owned by Pepsi, is handling the criticism by resolving to come up with less annoying biodegradable bags. As ridiculous as this all seems, it's an unavoidable part of modern branding. If you're going to saturate the public with ads and milk them for content through contests and Web sites, eventually you'll have to entertain their opinions to keep them interested in your product.



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