Summit to host 'Twilight' parties during Saturday's lunar eclipse

Posted on Thu Jun 24 2010


It may not be the only time a cycle of the moon has been used as a marketing hook, but it might become one of the most memorable. Summit Entertainment, the upstart young studio behind the wildly popular Twilight franchise, is holding free outdoor screenings of the first two movies in the series this Saturday, coinciding with the lunar eclipse. Great way to build up goodwill for the third movie, fortuitously titled Eclipse (after the best-selling book), which opens June 30. The Summit-backed screenings of Twilight and New Moon will take place in a dozen markets, including Seattle, San Diego, Dallas and Philadelphia. Partner Moviefone will stream some of the festivities online (hint: there will be special guests). AMC Theaters, also taking advantage of the rabid fan base, is offering a $30 ticket for a Twilight triple feature, with all three movies shown back to back to back, starting the evening of June 29. Eclipse will screen at midnight. (Tchotchkes are involved). But wait, there's more Twilight news: The studio announced this week that Breaking Dawn, the final book in the series, will be split into two movies. For fans, this is all good. For haters, you just need to appreciate it for the tidal wave it is. And for marketers, watch and learn.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Summit giveth and taketh away teasers for next 'Twilight' movie

Posted on Fri Feb 19 2010


What's a great way to whip Twihards into a new froth over Eclipse, the next movie in the Twilight series? Leak out some photos of the two main characters, dreamy vampire Edward and his randy girlfriend Bella, cavorting in bed. There's chest hair! (His, not hers.) And then what's the best way to stoke that flame? Yank the pictures down. Seems a number of Internet sites that had posted a handful of images from Eclipse received lawyerly cease-and-desist letters from studio distributor Summit Entertainment. They promptly removed the photos. Movieline, not so much. So, go take a look here while you can. The shots are incredibly tame, even by teen-flick standards, but they push further than anything yet seen in the movie series based on Stephenie Meyer's best-selling novels. Plus, they're incredible pieces of marketing. If execs at Summit didn't engineer this entire episode, they certainly should have. 

—Posted by T.L. Stanley

Wal-Mart in a teenage-girl-like frenzy over 'Twilight' retail deal

Posted on Tue Feb 17 2009

Twilight copy

Wal-Mart, prepare for a fang-girl onslaught.
  The retailer has sealed a deal with Summit Entertainment to be the home of all things Twilight: the upcoming DVD, the posters of dreamy vamp Robert Pattinson, the goth-inspired jewelry and clothes, the best-selling teen-targeted book series and other tchotchkes. Wal-Mart plans dedicated Twilight stores-within-stores, and has set up a Web site to take pre-orders on the DVD (check out the countdown clock ticking down to March 21) and let fans chat and see behind-the-scenes footage of the film.
  Stephenie Meyer's four Twilight books have collectively sold more than 40 million copies. The movie was a sleeper hit last fall for new Hollywood mini-studio Summit. Its $70 million opening weekend was the highest ever recorded for a female director (Catherine Hardwicke), and the regular-girl-falls-for-smoking-hot-vampire tale has collected a staggering $357 million worldwide. A sequel, based on the second book, New Moon, will hit multiplexes in the fall. In the meantime, Wal-Mart stands to benefit from all that hormone-charged energy. It has to go somewhere.

—Posted by T.L. Stanley



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