Animal kingdom is here to help in new skin-care print campaign

By Todd Wasserman on Mon Aug 23 2010


The skin-care category isn't typically a hotbed of creativity. Ads are usually focused on three things: celeb endorsers, lots of copy and lots of promises. But ad agency Mother in New York has gone a different route with a new print campaign for StriVectin-SD, which is billed as a "super-charged way to aggressively fight deep wrinkles and stretch marks." Those skin problems are depicted in a novel way. For crow's feet, for instance, the ad shows actual crow's feet. Other ads show a wrinkly pug, a hen and a lizard, all of which are illustrations of what your skin shouldn't look like. "The mission came from the clients," says Mother creative director Bobby Hershfield. "They wanted to do something bold and different." Even if that means the metaphor, at times, is a bit of stretch.



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