Stride gum aims for a Shift-storm of social media attention

By Elaine Wong on Tue Oct 26 2010

Stride-gum-300x252 This new promotion from Stride Gum is the shit. The Kraft-owned brand today kicks off a sweepstakes awarding those who find the phrase "Holy Shift! You're a winner!" inside specially marked packages of its Shift gum. Prizes include tickets to concerts by Cobra Starship and Panic! At the Disco. The latter will be responding to fans' questions—a la Isaac Mustafa—on Stride's Facebook page. Aside from that, there's nothing too remarkable about the promotion, except that it puts Nissan's long-running "Shift_" tagline in a new light.

Stride gum wants you to change your entire life around right now

By Elaine Wong on Fri Aug 27 2010


Leave it to the folks at Stride gum to come up with an idea like this. The Kraft Foods brand today launched a Facebook application that lets consumers "Change your flavor, change your life." It promotes its new flavor-changing Stride Shift gum by showing what life would be like if you actually had a piece. (Who woulda thunk flavor-changing gum was possible?) Facebook users can select from one of four characters—an ostrich jockey, a fortune teller, an adventure traveler and a rodeo clown—and insert themselves in said situation. The site explains: "Our powerful life-changing software will update your Facebook photos with a gallery full of pictures and stories that'll dupe your friends into thinking you've transformed into an entirely new you overnight." We can sort of pass for a fortune teller, are horrendous as a clown, high as an adventure traveler and a-OK as an ostrich jockey. All of them are quite an evolution from marketing blogger. We'll have to see if our friends are fooled. JWT New York created the app.

Stride gum rams its message down Twitter users' throats

By Elaine Wong on Tue Aug 3 2010

Ram_avatar3Stride, the gum that lasts so "ridiculously long" you literally gotta be forced to spit it out, has sent its ram tweeting. The character (which appears in Stride ads) yesterday began responding to and looking for new followers via its Twitter handle: @stridegum. It¹s not merely tweeting out news about new campaigns or gum promotions, however. Most of the comments are in "Ramglish." As in: "Ram had a meeting with the Stride CEO today. Ram hates wearing neckties, so Ram shaved one into Ram¹s wool. Ram so hot." Or: "Ram likes to refer to Ram¹s-self in third person." (So does Sesame Street's Elmo, by the way.) Most of the tweets, of course, center on getting consumers to spit out their gums. (Or else the ram will ram into you. Get it? Okay, we tried.) As of er, blog time, the former Cadbury brand (now owned by Kraft Foods) had 80 followers. We're keeping a close eye on his/her tweets. Who knows what the ram will say to us when we follow it?

Martha Goodbody out to spoil fun of Stride's Mega Mystery gum

Posted on Thu Jun 24 2010

Every good story needs a villain. For Stride's Mega Mystery gum, it's Martha Goodbody. Martha has formed a group called C.R.A.M.M. (Concerned Relatives Against Mega Mystery), and she's determined to ruin the fun by unveiling the secret flavor of the Stride gum. In this video, Martha is getting ready for a press conference. Meanwhile, a nosy teenage girl and a cameraperson are shown secretly taping Martha discussing her big flavor reveal. This is only one in a series of videos created by Stride to market the Mega Mystery gum, including an elaborate April Fool's stunt.

—Posted by Elena Malykhina

Stride's mystery flavor not all that appetizing on April Fool's Day

Posted on Thu Apr 1 2010

It's April Fool's Day, and the stunts are coming fast and furious. First, there was Google's somewhat lame "Topeka" gag, then Ben & Jerry's "Virtual Ice Cream." Now, Cadbury Adams's Stride gum is offering its own hijinks via its Facebook site. Some 600,000 fans on the site got a sneak peak of its new mystery flavor, called Mega Mystery. For the uninitiated, Stride and agency JWT began teasing the flavor last month with TV ads that showed a guy who was just about to reveal what the gum tasted like only to get attacked by a hoard of ostriches. (Happens all the time, I suppose.) Today, Stride offered several taste comparisons. In one vid, Mega Mystery "may or may not" taste like the smell of puppies. In another, it tastes like poppin' a wheelie. Finally, it tastes like the Internet. Funny, that's probably what Ben & Jerry's Virtual Ice Cream tastes like, too. In reality, though, we all know it tastes like Topeka.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Stride gum dedicated to preserving a special piece of the 1980s

Posted on Wed Aug 12 2009


A lot of things have come back from the '80s, whether you're talking fashion (stretch pants), music (Rock of Ages on Broadway) or décor (check out the '80s-themed fitness chain Retrofitness). The one thing that hasn't returned are videogame arcades. Yes, the place where you could leave a cigarette burning above the two-player button while you racked up a perfect score during the bonus round is becoming extinct. Sure, there are Chuck E. Cheese's, but you need to be accompanied by a child to go there. And some pizzerias and bars still have Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. But what about Paperboy, Punch Out and Mappy? Or Spy Hunter, Donkey Kong Jr. or Zaxxon? Well, Stride gum has set out to preserve some of the old-school arcades that house these coin-op dinosaurs. The "ridiculously long lasting gum" ponied up $10,000 so it wouldn't be game over for the Challenge Arcade in the Philadelphia area. Now, fans can go to to help decide which of four other arcades will win $25,000. Visitors to the site are invited to play Zapatur, with their points score allocated to the arcade of their choice. The arcade with the most points wins. Sounds like a totally mint idea to me.

—Posted by Kenneth Hein

Stride gum lasts long enough to be passed through generations

Posted on Fri May 8 2009

Here's a heartwarming scene from the folks at JWT Puerto Rico and Stride gum that, it should be noted, is completely in Spanish. A boy is going away to college, but before he departs, the father has something to impart. It's an heirloom that was passed down from his father to him. What is it? Well, before you start recalling Christopher Walken's "gold watch" speech from Pulp Fiction, remember this an ad for Stride gum. The object in question turns out to be a piece of gum that all the men in the family have been chewing for decades. (Never mind that Stride only came out three years ago—maybe this is some kind of Lost thing where someone time-traveled and gave Grandpa the gum.) The boy takes the gum, starts to chew it and seems appreciative. Scoff if you will, but this is kind of a touching moment. One question, though: How does Stride get away with this? It's making an obviously false claim about the gum for comedic effect, but it's still false, right? Isn't this, in a way, sort of like what Powerade has done in its Gatorade comparison ads? Chew on that for a while.

—Posted by Todd Wasserman

Stride gum has so many uses, it needs its very own infomercial

Posted on Thu Feb 26 2009

If you're trying to sell gum, an infomercial sounds like overkill. You don't really have to demonstrate its uses or anything, right? Wrong. This three-minute ad for Stride Gum from JWT shows various alternatives to just chewing the stuff, including using it as a "tiny one-way boomerang" or as fake eyebrows. (Such uses come in handy, you see, because Stride is said to never lose its flavor. No need to buy a second pack.) The ad could pass for a real infomercial with its voluble Married With Children-like crowd and special guests, including a "world-famous scientist" and a "paid actor." For now, it's only running online. But JWT creative director Jackie Hathiramani says the agency hopes to get it on TV, preferably late at night. Says Hathiramani: "In hard times, you have to have a hard sell."

—Posted by Todd Wasserman



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