Research paints iPhone users as cruel, judgmental porn addicts

Posted on Fri Nov 6 2009


What's the matter with society today? In a word, the iPhone. New research from Retrevo found that iPhone users were more likely than their CrackBerry peers to end a relationship via text or e-mail, and be less attracted to a partner who had less-than-stellar gadgets. While this might not be so bad—it's just further evidence of how technology has recessed our communication skills to the level of first-graders—the kicker of the survey was that one in five iPhone users said they watch adult content on their device. That's double the amount of BlackBerry users. Granted, the suave and sexy style that Apple has so successfully instilled throughout all of its products is enough to turn on the closet dork in all of us. Combine that with mobile high-quality streaming capability, and I guess consumers' ohs and ahs quickly peak into Os. Of course, you could also just chalk it up to the economy and make the argument that such activities help relieve stress. (It's a scientific fact.) Either way, it could help to explain why I see so many people are walking funny these days.

—Posted by Stacy Straczynski



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