How do they get any work done over at Nike headquarters?

Posted on Fri Jul 10 2009

Nike's headquarters seem to be almost as wacky as ESPN's. There's so much going on in this ad that it's hard at first blush to tell what it's promoting. The ad, which was released on July 6 and is already up to 68,000 views on YouTube, features St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson at Nike headquarters, who is getting a tutorial on a new shoe when all of the sudden, snowboarders Matt Ladley and Trevor Jacob storm in with t-shirt guns that appear to have the ability to spew out t-shirts that instantly garb the victim of the shooting. So, the ad seems to ostensibly be promoting new Nike t-shirts, including one with the Nike swoosh arranged in a pinwheel formation. But read comments about the ad and most people appear to be interested in the t-shirt gun, which goes for $1,500. That gun, which reminds me of something from the horribly excellent movie Demolition Man, steals the thunder of the new design, which was supposed to be the focus of the ad. If the gun works as advertised, it might be worth the cash.

—Posted by Elana Glowatz



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