Stetson really wants Obama to wear a hat at the inauguration

Posted on Thu Jan 15 2009


Ever look at an old photo and notice how all the men are wearing fedoras? Ever wonder when they all quit wearing them? The story goes that back in 1961, when JFK became the first president to take the oath of office sans chapeau, men all over America started leaving their brims at home—to the dismay, and largely the demise, of hat makers everywhere.
  The Stetson company (one of the few survivors in the men's millinery biz) has not forgotten the affront, and is now attempting to correct 48 years and nine presidents' worth of hatless history with a flashy new fedora called the Presidential Pinnacle. The Denver-based company says it will dispatch a writer/director named Josh Shayne to Washington for the inauguration on Tuesday, where he will "attempt to hand-deliver this Stetson hat to Obama with the hope that he will wear it," according to the press release. (For just $295, you can buy a Presidential Pinnacle at Yes, you can.)
  No matter what happens, Stetson's got a marketing topper on its hands. Either Obama puts on the felt, or Shayne looks dapper in it as the Secret Service drags his Tased body away in handcuffs.

—Posted by Robert Klara



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